“Gosh, Rob. What’s with all the activity?”

OK, fine. If people somewhere out there in the intertubes might be paying attention, I suppose that I’ll start with the actual updating. Updating habits like mine are why the RSS feed was invented, you know. It’s like someone sends you a message whenever a new pithicism from Rob Olsen bursts upon the ‘Net like a watermelon from orbit. Anyway…

I’ve added three new galleries, like, tonight. I also posted a couple of recent scans of 6×7 negs from my recently adopted Mamiya 7. The sharpest lens in any photog’s arsenal is a tripod, yo. I shoot handheld a lot.

Keep responding and I’ll keep posting. Adding little galleries like that is simple and easy so long as I’m at the right computer.

Here’s my kids at Easter. Easter has bright color! Woo!

2 comments on ““Gosh, Rob. What’s with all the activity?”

  1. Vieva Ellen on said:

    So many beautiful pictures of the beautiful children! Thank you.

  2. Lynda Smith Touart on said:

    They are growing SO FAST!
    Thanks for the photos.

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