Gardening, KSC-style

Last couple weeks were a busy one, y’all. First the wife takes the kids off to Gainesville to stay with her mom for a week, then they all come back here for a couple of days. Then, just as my mother-in-law leaves, my mother and stepfather arrive. As does my sister. With her two kids. Ooof. We literally had more butts than places for them to sit. So I haven’t got much done lately.

I took Siddy, Violet, Indigo, and Robert along with my sister Laurie, her kids Marshall and Ginny, and my mom to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Center. It’s less exciting for the under-6 crowd than you might think, but much fun was had and many rockets were admired in the Rocket Garden. All of these images were captured with the Nikon D7000 and 18-200 VR lens. I also brought the Mamiya 7 and the legendary 43mm W/A lens, but those images have yet to be developed. Note how cleverly my little boy ignores his sisters and cousin to go hang out with the cute little blonde girl. He TOTALLY could have gotten her number.

Before Barbara left, I got some pics of her with the kids. They’re in the same folder, I threw them in here as well. I’ll do another post with more of ‘em, I think.

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