Some images I promised

I’ve gone long enough without looking at these that they no longer infuriate me. I don’t know what that means. So I’m throwing them out to fend for themselves, metaphorically speaking (all rights reserved, don’t ya know).

I believe that these were all Tri-X @1600, 1 hr stand in 1:100 Rodinal. Mamiya M645 80 f1.9 and 45 f2.8. I scanned ‘em with Epson V750, but apparently I live in dust central. Sorry, haven’t spotted these.

I’ve added some more: these were shot with the new C220, 80 f/2.8, on Delta 3200. Processed in Microphen stock, scanned with V50.

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  1. Vieva Ellen on said:

    More pictures! More pictures! More!

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