Sandy. Flayrs. ThinDOF.

When I got home this afternoon, we had Hurricane Sandy out in the Atlantic a couple hundred miles east. We were getting some warm, soft rain and warm breezes, overcast, even light – so I decided to play photographer for a few minutes (kids – don’t try this at home!) I braved the drizzle and breeze, and quickly decided that the 70-200 F2.8 AF-D that’s currently stuck on my D7000 didn’t jibe with my inner vibe, man! So I decided to use the 70-210 Series E with a 27.5 mm extension tube. Lotsa closeup, sharp focus, razor-thin depth-of-field kinda stuff. And not the sharpest focus wide open, if we’re honest. Since, as I said, my D7000 has a lens stuck on it, I shot the D40. It won’t meter with the Series E, with or without the extension tube. Don’t care. Jacked the ISO up one stop short of “Nasty”, opened ‘er up, and waded out into it. All of these shots are handheld. All of them are shot with extension, with the splitting citrus the farthest out. These are my initial faves. There’s a couple where I couldn’t pick between versions, I like something different about each. As usual, twice your money back if not completely satisfied.

2 comments on “Sandy. Flayrs. ThinDOF.

  1. Lynda Smith Touart on said:

    Sandy made our weather perfectly wonderful. Perfect for long conversation on the deck.

    • I can just imagine. Finally cooled off here, too. Citrus is starting to ripen, kittens gamboling on the porch, tossing around a… oh, that’s a bird. Was. Ah, nature!

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