Justifying the expenditure of energy and the inconveniencing of electrons

I’m having an existential crisis on behalf of my website. I don’t feel as if my life is all that interesting, at least to folks not actually living it. I mean, sure, I work an interesting job – but most of the interesting bits are stuff I really shouldn’t just post on a website, and it’s probably only interesting to me anyway. Home life is mostly just raising some kids; it’s hectic and often frustrating, but again not of widespread interest.

“Gosh, Rob, why have a blog if you’ve nothing interesting to say or show?”

That’s a question I don’t have a good answer for. Because all the cool kids are doing it? Maybe to make it easier to find a place I can drop photos and send other people to see ‘em? In the vain, faint hopes that someone out there will see through the immaturity of my work and discern the vision, the power and purpose behind my images?

I’m going to go with #1 above. Stop laughing. It’s funnier if you can keep a straight face.

So, here’s a pic of my girl Blue blowing out some candles. Enjoy!


2 comments on “Justifying the expenditure of energy and the inconveniencing of electrons

  1. About time!

    • Humbly acknowledged. Guilty as charged.

      I want to post more galleries, or at least more photos. But it’s hard to find something… well, how about some USS Alabama photos? You’ve never seen THOSE before, huh, Lynda? Huh?

      And thanks for noticing.

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