Fresh pixels on demand

I was looking through my various collections of work, which is rather haphazardly organized, and just couldn’t find anything I thought was good. Nothing that seems worth spending $1 worth of paper and ink on, much less sharing with the world. Am I just too hard on myself? Yeah, maybe. It’s not as if I can expect my photos to achieve the awesomeness of a Galen Rowell, or a Lynda Touart or an Amy Bark, without at least spending the time honing my craft that they have. And oh yeah, talent. [shrug]. Well, they say the most critical skill for a photographer is knowing what not to show. I went through the stuff I found on my ipad, and found a few I don’t hate – so here they are.







One comment on “Fresh pixels on demand

  1. I don’t hate them either. ;)

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