USS Alabama

I was in Mobile last August to celebrate a spate of birthdays, and took the opportunity to go run around and engage in photography unencumbered by a load of time-consuming children. I took my Nikon D7000 with the 18-200 VR, as well as my Mamiya 7 with the 80mm and 43mm lenses. I still don’t have the film processed from that shoot, mostly because I can’t decide whether to process it myself using a Unicolor powder kit at home or take it to a pro lab, which is what I usually do but my pro lab is now 2-1/2 hours away by car. I guess I should mail it.
Anyway, all of these pics were taken with the Nikon combo described above. That 18-200 was an awesome lens on my 6 MP D40. On the D7000, with a scratch or two on the front element – it’s not such a great performer. Sorry.




RCO_1459 (1)

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