Something to contemplate

There’s a lot going on with this image, and not all of it is as obvious as the obvious parts. #1 The MOD54 in a Paterson 3-reel takes 1 liter of chemical, not 500 mL. #2 DOF is hell with a 200mm F2.9 at ~2 feet. #3 I’ve not yet gotten around to checking the speeds on my Speed Graphic focal plane shutter. #4 I admit, after seeing how flawed the technical execution was, I had no further desire to remove dust spots. #5 If you squint, you can see some parallels between the subject matter and the image quality challenges. Life is widely varied, deeply weird, and often has a tendency to interconnect in ways you might not expect. Looking at the negative, I would not have guessed that a scan would have come out as usable as it is, which clearly isn’t saying much.

It is, IMHO, a more successful photograph than what I was trying for. Life is like that sometimes.


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