“I’m Inngo!”


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My Diggle. Every one of these shots speaks to me in a different way. Even two that look almost identical are, to her father, individually precious moments worthy of sharing. I’m fairly certain that I’m alone in that.

First images from my new (to me) Mamiya 7, y’all

I started with a roll of Tri-X, because Tri-X. I souped it in Rodinal because that’s what I had handy and easily prepared, and because Rodinal.

This was handheld, available light, probably around 1/8s wide open at F/4. Mamiya 7, 80mm. 8:30 in 63˚ Rodinal 1:25, if you REALLY care. I don’t know what he’s eating.

Urban decay, right? Same camera, probably closer to 1/30th, stopped down to F/8 or F/11. Same roll, same camera, same processing. Yeah, that’s my backyard.

I mean, this oughta be obvious and stuff, but
Copyright 2012 Robert C. Olsen, III. All rights reserved.

Don’t steal my images, yo.

Amy, you can download them. Rich, too, if’n you wanna.

Update: I will also quite happily permit Lynda\ to do anything she wants with any of these pics. Here is the camera itself, now happily mated with the legendary 43mm lens and auxiliary finder. Still waiting to get back images taken with that lens.

Starting up

Many things have gone on. Many thoughts have been thunk. After all is said and done, the path toward ever-increasing control over my own web presence is key to my personal satisfaction. Besides, leaving things as they are is rarely my way.


Here you can see my wife and little boy. Whee!

Ok, that’s enough for now. Don’t want to tire myself out on my first day with the new blog.